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Maradona – the angel of football has left (part 1)

If you see the life of Argentinian legend Diego Maradona as a movie, he plays the role of a hero and a villain. But when leaving the world, all people remember about Maradona is still just a hero, a football angel.

In Argentina, Maradona is a revered saint of soccer. Not only because he is a football genius, alone helping the Argentina team to the throne in the 1986 World Cup (Mexico), but also because Argentina vibe cannot be mixed.

The people of Maradona always radiate a special energy, they are always radiant, dedicated to attracting the eyes of all. Although he was a Maradona player, the feeling of his influence spread over the pitch.

Maradona’s junior, Lionel Messi is very good, only influencing one third of the opponent’s pitch. I remember the end of 1993, when Argentina played a play-off for a ticket to the 1994 World Cup in America. Maradona was already on the other side of the slope of his career, but he decided to return, put his captain’s armband and lead Argentina into the final. It was also the last World Cup and also very forgettable in Maradona’s career.

The world football stars always keep a glamorous, round image when deciding to leave at the top, but Maradona is not like that. If he can kick, he will definitely enter the yard to contribute to his country.

Maradona never intended to hide himself, he was ruffled, living a cozy and simple. These traits seem to come from the fact that he is too “Argentine” when he comes from a poor class and rises to a monument by football.

When he was famous around the world, he never lost himself while maintaining a very instinctive life. Maradona’s life has many beauties for the upper class to admire, and there are also moments of everyday life, very real for the popular class to love.