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MU fell victorious against Leicester

Man Utd took the lead twice, but only left King Power with 1 point, after a 2-2 draw against homeowners in the 15th round of the Premier League on December 26.
Man Utd has the right to regret, when they create more delicious opportunities. However, Leicester also proved that they are not an easy opponent to bully, when making the most of the space to punish the visitors.

Rashford, Bruno Fernandes helped “Red Devils” get ahead, but two goals by Harvey Barnes and Jamie Vardy respectively prevented the red shirt team from leaving King Power with 3 points.

MU is at risk of being thrown out of the top 4 after round 15, when rivals like Chelsea, Tottenham, and Everton have not played.

Leicester vs Man Utd England 1
MU was very close to their 11th consecutive away win in the Premier League. Photo: Reuters.
Man Utd actively joined in slowly, and looked for opportunities through counterattack situations. Bruno Fernandes moves wide to create space himself. When the ball is on, the Portuguese midfielder will perform the pass behind the Leicester defense.

This attack gives the “Red Devil” 2 good chances to eat. In the second minute, Rashford had a good chance to eat, after Bruno’s poking line. However, he hit his head again. In the 23rd minute, Rashford continued to benefit from Bruno sensitive passes. This time, the number 10 took advantage to bring home the opener, and also marked the 50-goal milestone in the Premier League.

On the other side of the front line, Leicester chose a minimalistic style. The home team ignored the midfield area, and continuously opened long balls for the players on the fast line. Man Utd’s defense maintained a good distance to prevent Jamie Vardy from getting close to De Gea’s goal.

While Fred played impressively in the middle of the field, with many contested situations, accurate interception, Eric Bailly did not disappoint coach Solskjaer’s expectations with a good performance in the first half. The Ivory Coast defender has 3 dogfight situations, 2 successful tackles. Meanwhile, Maguire is also playing well, with experience during his time with Leicester.

Leicester had 56% of the ball in the first half, but had problems with the decisive pass. The home team played full of deadlock, and had to wait until the opponent’s mistake to equalize. 31 minutes, the hero Bruno Fernades guilty with the situation to lose the ball in the middle of the field. Scott McTominay also did not put enough pressure, and let Harvey Barnes shoot far to equalize for Leicester.

The links of MU still work effectively in the second half, except for Daniel James. The midfielder played faintly in 1997, and was replaced after a failed pass in the 53rd minute. Pogba came on, but did not contribute much to the attacking front of the visitors. Every wave of the “Red Devils” ball went mostly to Bruno Fernandes. The Portuguese midfielder desires to redeem, with decisive passing and finishing decisions.

Meanwhile, Fred deserves praise, when it eclipses Leicester’s midfield. After a series of successful tackles, the Brazilian midfielder pushed Rashford to face Schmeichel in the 61st minute. However, striker No. 10 could not beat the home keeper.