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Maradona – the angel of football has left (part 2)

Most people who love football come from the ordinary often see in Maradona the same tune. The city of Naples, the headquarters of the Napoli club, has many similarities with Argentine society.

Thanks to that compatibility, Maradona shined brightly. It can be said that where Argentinian wool comes from, Maradona will be brilliant. Maradona is so rich in Argentina that he lives without it, he will die or at least no longer be himself. Maradona used to come to Barca with expectations because he was the most expensive player in the world.

However, life in Barcelona was so different from Argentina that Maradona was no longer himself. Maradona’s life was controversial, but it was not enough to undermine his image in the public eye. Maradona represents Argentina as the most famous citizen of this country.

People are willing to forget, or ignore all the mistakes of Maradona and remember only the positive aspects because of the great influence he brought to Argentina and world football. Vietnamese football fans also have special feelings for Maradona because they first saw the World Cup in 1982. At that time, Maradona was the star.

By 1986, Maradona was the best player in the tournament. Until now no player has played a great World Cup like Maradona has ever done in Mexico.

Maradona has left, but he is always with us, because Diego Maradona is eternal. Lionel Messi said so when the eminent senior left. Now we believe, Maradona is truly an eternal monument.

Many photos taken of Maradona in the past were also reposted on social media with interesting randomness. Uruguayan comedian German Bernandez posted an image of Maradona during a Napoli match standing next to Roma’s Brazilian colleague Renato Gaucho. Interesting details are behind the two players. A reporter who looks exactly like an old Maradona was following with a camera.

Japanese photographer Masahide Tomikoshi posted a photo of Maradona in Argentina shirt colors at the 1990 World Cup with his face appearing in a sweaty shirt across his chest. Tomikoshi has for many years photographed famous footballers like Pele, Johan Cruyff or Eusebio. He has many records in sports photography and has tens of thousands of followers on Instagram. After Maradona’s death on November 25, Tomikoshi posted an album of nearly 20 photos of the Argentine legend at different stages of his career.