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MU cannot demand for more from Martial

The number 9 shirt is still too wide for Anthony Martial, who was very poor in the match MU lost to PSG 1-3 in the UEFA Champions League.

“I learned a lesson after receiving a red card against Tottenham. I will come back and be more explosive,” Martial announced on MU’s official website.

The French striker’s promises turned to cliches. Martial is slipping on a journey to confirm the value of MU.

That’s what Martial is all about
Former MU striker Dimitar Berbatov said he received many messages from fans on social networks with the same content. All wonder what’s going on with Martial.

At MU’s Old Trafford field, Martial missed 2 chances to score a good goal against PSG. Consecutively, the shots in the penalty area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis striker did not hit the target.

Martial’s extravagance caused “Red Devils” to pay the price. The English team fell 1-3 against PSG and faced the risk of being eliminated from the UEFA Champions League right from the group stage.

Martial played very poorly against PSG in the Champions League. Photo: Getty.
On the day Martial finished the bar when he was 7 meters from the goal, the truth about the quality of MU public goods was revealed.

“I think MU lacks a caliber striker like Robert Lewandowski, who is able to keep pace and link the game,” former club assistant Rene Meulensteen told talkSPORT.

MU has 4 strikers on the list including Martial, Marcus Rashford, Mason Greenwood and Edinson Cavani. Except for Cavani who has not played too badly recently, the remaining faces have not brought confidence to coach Ole Solskjaer.

According to Berbatov, the only factor that the midfielders of MU lack is stability. Because of the lack of high-class and quality public goods, the “Red Devils” achievement was so flattering.

“Martial doesn’t always show explosive form in every game. As long as he maintains his stability, the striker can be called a world-class star,” Berbetov told Betfair. .

For more than a decade, what sets Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi apart from the rest lies in stability. They always maintain an impressive number of goals each season.

Martial is not a poor striker, but not an excellent striker enough to pull the MU ship forward. Two situations that squander the French striker’s delicious opportunities against PSG say it all.

According to former French defender Frank Leboeuf, Martial’s problem lies in his poor mentality. The striker also does not have the courage to quickly return after each failure or disappointing performance.

“Martial is only fine when he is confident. In the French match against Portugal, Martial missed three goals to score. When he returned to the club against West Brom, Martial was wasted again. With the world class striker. They might have handled the ball easily, “said Leboeuf.

Martial has entered his 6th year playing for MU. However, the French striker has yet to make a spectacular breakthrough to reach the level. On December 5, the former AS Monaco spearhead turned 25, meaning he was no longer young.