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Fernandes: ‘I’m the new Veron’

Midfielder Bruno Fernandes thinks his new appearance looks like Juan Veron – a failed contract of Man Utd before.

While many colleagues chose to shave their heads during an epidemic social order, Fernandes only shaved his face and grew a beard. Teammate Diego Dalot thinks Fernandes looks like a character in the Netflix series “Narcos: Mexico”.

However, the Portuguese midfielder thinks otherwise. “I think we found a new Juan Veron, but this new Veron has to keep his hair,” Fernandes joked on MUTV when answering fans’ questions through an online exchange.

Veron also kicks midfielder like Fernandes. In the summer of 2001, the Argentine came to Man Utd with a record price of English football at that time – nearly 35 million USD (28.1 million pounds). But that was a failed deal for the “Red Devils”. After a period of integration, Veron gradually decline due to injury, and sold to Chelsea after only two years.

Fernandes joined Man Utd in January, in a deal worth $ 99 million. He immediately shone with three goals and four assists. Not only that, with the leadership, strength and desire to win, Fernandes also inspired his teammates, helping “Reds” unbeaten in all nine matches he participated.

Fernandes acknowledged the belief of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer played a pivotal role, helping him quickly integrate. I need to know that I am trusted by him, because sometimes, when the club changes, the coach at the new team does not always trust you. I do not. I came here because the coach wanted me to play football, but I wanted to feel the confidence from the coach, “he said.
However, Fernandes also clearly defined his belief in the coach as not natural: “I will try to show the coach that I can play, maybe an option of him. If I cannot select, I know I need to put in a 200% effort, because the coach needs to see that, understand that I want to play more than anyone else Of course, every player will think the same way. this or that person, I need to prove I’m better than him, by making more efforts in training. Such competition helps each individual and the whole team to improve. “