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5 Legendary Football Players Who Never Won a Major Title (part 1)

Here are 5 players who are listed as legendary in football history but could not win any titles before retiring.

  1. Antonio Di Natale

Unlike most other top footballers, Antonio Di Natale emerged quite late when he was almost 30 years old. Before retiring, the former Italy international had scored 209 goals in Serie A, the sixth in the history of the tournament.

Di Natale has won the Serie A top scorer twice, 3 times to be selected in the tournament’s typical team. The man born in 1977 started in Empoli, helping them advance to Serie A before coming to Udinese in 2004 and becoming their legend.

In 12 seasons, Di Natale scored 227 goals in 446 matches in all competitions and became the number one striker in Udinese history. The chance to win the title with the brightest team with him is when the Italian team reached the Euro 2012 final against Spain but lost 4-0.

  1. Matt Le Tissier

At a time when English midfielders were often known for their physical-based play, Matt Le Tissier showed the difference. The former prime minister born in 1968 stands out with his technology and vision.

But perhaps because of his specialties, Le Tissier is not appreciated on England with only 8 caps in his career. He is also famous for his ability to take penalty kicks when succeeding in 47 of 48 attempts.

Le Tissier was the first midfielder to reach the 100-goal mark in the Premier League. Since winning the PFA Young Player of the Year award in 1990, he has been eye-catching by many famous clubs such as Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal.

But Le Tissier decided to be loyal to the club that trained him as Southampton and spent his career here. He has a total of 540 appearances for The Saints, scoring 209 goals.
In return for Le Tissier’s loyalty, there were empty hands in collective titles with Southampton. For most of his career, he and his port city team have focused on fighting relegation or getting stuck in the middle of the table.