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Is Thomas Partey able to be dealed by Arsenal?

Recently, sources have revealed Arsenal’s move to pursue Thomas Partey, the deal is highly feasible thanks to statements from the Ghanaian star.

It was understandable that Mikel Arteta wanted to create an innovation after the Unai Emery Dynasty. But if you look at the situation at the Emirates, we will even think about the ability to turn the squad, because even captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is not sure about the future.

However, temporarily ignore the other areas and focus on the position of defensive midfielder, which is involved in the rumor of the ‘destroyer’ of the midfield from Spain. Arsenal may need at least two conditions to ‘snatch success’ Partey from Atletico Madrid.

The first of course is money, even a lot of money compared to the potential and level of payment of the BLD Gunners in transfer history. Second, it is the future of midfielder Lucas Torreira – who is said to want to return to Serie A to play football after 2 years coming to England.

Arsenal may have to deal with either Mohamed Elneny or Matteo Guendouzi. However, the most notable should be the case of ‘White Kante’, because he has somewhat demonstrated his capacity, enthusiasm, but has never been sure of the main kick due to weak physical foundation.

In addition, being contacted by SSC Napoli also brings Torreira to the ideological confusion, because Serie A is considered the most suitable land for Ronaldo’s ‘pocket-sized’ scanner in the 2018 World Cup.

If sold directly Torreira, Gunners will have more money to buy and a gap in the squad to pick Partey. But if the 1996-born player stays, will he be on the bench or happy with that? This scenario is terrible, because no one likes to watch teammates play if they are healthy, while it is crazy to think that Partey came to England with a start by competing for positions with people rarely playing in the Champions. League.

Partey personally or the people around him have repeatedly mentioned the possibility of moving to the country of competition. Meanwhile, the contract breakout at Atletico Madrid is only around £ 50 million, and this amount is really commensurate or will even be ‘cheap’ if Rodri’s replacement plays like he did before Liverpool in the Champions League.

From these things, Arsenal’s acquisition of Partey will probably depend on two main issues, money and the future of Torreira. It would not be a problem if this team bought Partey when the owner was named Florentino Perez, but we have never seen Arsenal play in a ‘nonsense’ way, because they pay great attention to economic benefits, so they both Big personalities like Torreira and Partey into areas that already have Granit Xhaka, are relatively difficult.