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The most hated British football team made a comeback

In 2015, on the Reddit forum, a statistic fan showed that about 47 teams across England were enemies of Leeds United.

From semi-professional clubs like York City, FC United of Manchester, … to the top teams like Chelsea, Tottenham or Manchester United, every stadium has witnessed the famous line: “All We all hate Leeds bastards. ”

The return of a legend
Leeds officially returned to the Premier League after 16 years of absence. The journey of sublimation, collapse and return of this team deserves to be among the most memorable chapters of British football.

After 5 owners, 16 coaches, 4 failed play-offs, a stadium sale and a debt of up to hundreds of millions of pounds, Leeds stood up.

The return of the 100-year-old soccer team in West Yorkshire County is a major event with foggy football.

Leeds winning the right to play in the Premier League season 2020/21 even created a reputation as equal to the championship after 30 years of waiting for Liverpool.

On the official Leeds promotion day, Gary Neville predicted a “dead” season with Manchester United. Before the rise of Man City, Leeds was MU’s eternal enemy, not inferior to Arsenal or Liverpool.

Even the hostility that both Leeds fans and MU for each other is even more formidable with the other rivals.

The feud between MU and Leeds explains why striker Marcus Rashford had to quickly delete the post congratulating the return of the opponent, whether many of his teammates in the national team or other famous characters of the land of fog The blind do that.

“As a Man Utd supporter, I congratulate the return of Leeds,” the English striker posted on his personal page, but then removed it for fear of a reaction from the fans.

Rashford’s attitude and actions show the influence that Leeds can bring to the Premier League in the new season.

This team used to be the opponent, the power, the symbol for a period of ups and downs of English football. Many fans of Chelsea, MU or Tottenham hate Leeds badly, but they are also extremely excited to be compared to the once-famous opponent of football in the fog of origin.

Today Leeds is not rich and spends money the way they used to do nearly two decades ago, then suffered from debt and relegation. But they are still a rich team traditionally, and possessing the most passionate supporters community in England.

“In my 30-year career, I have never seen fanatical fervor like the fans of Leeds,” recalls Peter Reid, former head coach of Leeds and the Thai national team.

After dropping in the Premier League in the 2003/04 season, Leeds was constantly in debt. On 4/5/2007, Leeds filed for bankruptcy and was deducted 10 points, having to play in the Second Division (League One) for the first time in history. It was not until 2010 that they returned to the First Division (Championship).

For any team in the world, it is always a time to test the loyalty of fans.

A statistics released by Mackenzie in 2013 showed that, regardless of the tournament played, Leeds football field is always in the top 10 stadiums with the highest number of fans to watch in all the country’s league. Brother.

Everyone hated Leeds United
The excessive enthusiasm of the Leeds fans is part of the reason they are so hated. The club’s hooligan, called LUSC, is extremely popular in English football with its enthusiasm and violence.

However, the fact that Leeds have become the most hated club in England can be traced back half a century ago.

The late coach Donald George Revie is one of the legends in the history of Leeds United. During his reign, Leeds twice won England, winning the FA Cup, League Cup and many other titles.

But this team was championed by the ugliest football in English history.

Bleacher Report once stated that Leeds Coach Revie may be the most hated team in England of all time.

Coach Revie led Leeds United for 13 years (1961-74) and turned this team into “thugs” on the English field. The mainstay of Leeds in that period, Eddie Gray later admitted that his team played a “brutal and defying everything to win” football.

Even in 1963, the official edition of the English Football Federation once called Leeds United the dirtiest playing team in the country of fog. The term “Dirty Leeds” (filthy Leeds) came from that.

Leeds is the only big city in England to exist only one club, and become the heart and pride of the city compared to London, Manchester or Liverpool.

Since the industrial revolution first broke out in England in the 18th century, the country’s major cities have always existed a hostile rivalry. Manchester compete with Liverpool, Liverpool hated London