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Greenwood is the treasure of MU

MU are talented talents in the team named Mason Greenwood. That could be a factor to help the home team save millions in the summer 2020 transfer window.
Prior to the Brighton & Hove Albion match in Round 32 of the Premier League, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer broadcast a message like the earthquake with Greenwood. The Norwegian teacher said MU will recruit more strikers in the near future. That trick is most effective.

It helps young players like Greenwood, who aspire to have a foothold in the club squad, are more explosive. The 18-year-old striker is also aware that Old Trafford is a non-existent place for patience. No. 26 of MU understand what to do to conquer the Norwegian teacher.

And one of the easiest ways is to recreate what Captain MU used to do while he was playing. At the peak, Solskjaer was very dangerous when the ball in the penalty area. The ability to manage well and sharp points helped him become one of the most formidable goalscorer in the English Premier.

Solskjaer prefers to reverse and end the “stringing” style with his opponent. In the match MU beat Brighton & Hove Albion with a score of 3-0, Greenwood did the same thing. This young striker confidently led the ball into the restricted area and definitely “slipped” defender Lewis Dunk. Looking at Greenwood, fans can see the picture of Solskjaer.

“And when Greenwood scored, I know he spent hours with Ole on the training ground,” former famous left-back Patrice Evra of MU commented on Sky Sports. .

Greenwood is having a booming season in Manchester. In every arena, this spearhead scored 13 goals, impressive achievement. The better the English striker, MU will save more money in the transfer period. If Solskjaer needs an attacking player, Greenwood becomes the right answer.

Greenwood’s strength lies not only in its ability to finish, but also to the skill of handling the ball with two skillful legs. This is completely different from Romelu Lukaku, the star often has the awkward handling phase. Greenwood is versatile when playing in any position on the front line.

Speed ​​has also become one of the advantages that help MU’s number 26 conquer coach Solskjaer. Since leading the “Red Devils”, coach Solskjaer has paid special attention to the ability to move the ball quickly. At the moment, only the nimble cards are in line with the requirements of the “Young Face Assassin”.

What Coach Solskjaer needs, Greenwood can meet. The moment the English striker made a high-speed dribbling and assist for Bruno Fernandes to make the brace became the most concrete evidence. After the match, the Norwegian teacher praised his pupil, and called it “the most special talent”.