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Bayern Munich and the everlasting pain at the Camp Nou 1999

Dozens of years after the final defeat 1-2 Man Utd in the Champions League 1999, many players of Bayern Munich still do not dare to watch.
The long-standing cultural disparity between Spain and the Nordic countries of alcohol consumption habit. In the days before the 1999 Champions League final, more than 100,000 British and German supporters landed in Barcelona.

The bustling scene seemed to be recorded by a photo in El País, photographing a crazy fan, stripped to the ceiling, wrapped around the club’s scarf, holding a big beer barrel. All hotels have been fully booked, so many people have to sleep in the streets, sleep in markets, put their heads on beer barrels to sleep.

The front cover of El Periódico shows a man in a Man Utd shirt lying unconscious on the sidewalk.

However, no serious incidents were caused by hooligan gangs or ghosts, thanks in part to the deployment of 2,000 riot police, in collaboration with local police. But the black market is different, extremely chaotic. Each ticket to the field to see the final is handed over with the difference up to £ 1,500. Meanwhile, more than 20,000 Man Utd fans flew to Catalonia without a ticket. A British supporter deposited £ 28,000 to receive 116 tickets the next day. But the ticket has disappeared without leaving a spark.

When night came, on May 26, 1999, 90,000 ticket holders filled the Camp Nou eagerly awaiting the most anticipated enjoyment of the years. Four days earlier, Man Utd – the first English team to reach the final of the tournament since the Heysel disaster – won the FA Cup with a 2-0 win over Newcastle at Wembley.

They have also won the Premier League thanks to Arsenal’s runner-up by one point. The legendary generation of 1992 is in their 20s; Roy Keane and David Beckham played a very important role that season; Ryan Giggs scored a classic solo Arsenal goal out of the FA Cup.

Below, Jaap Stam has come from PSV Eindhoven to increase the quality of steel in the defense. In attack, Dwight Yorke – moved to Old Trafford from Aston Villa for £ 12.6 million – formed a comprehensive good partnership with Andy Cole.

Goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel, then 35, played his last match for the “Red Devils”. The suspension of Paul Scholes and Keane forced Sir Alex Ferguson to place Beckham in the central midfield, Giggs was flipped to the right and Jesper Blomqvist to the left.

The starting line-up of the match will go into Champions League history.
Bayern Munich is equally great. They finished the Bundesliga two weeks earlier with the Silver Cup for the championship team. After the Champions League final, they will play the National Cup match against Werder Bremen on June 12.

The fact that both teams participated in the final of the Champions League is pursuing “Treble” has strengthened the impression that these are the best teams in the Old Continent. The referees also highly appreciate this match, so the whistleblower at the Camp Nou must be a well-known, experienced and brave referee.

This was the first final without any Italian club in the last eight years, so the black-shirt king Pierluigi Collina, with his bald head, stern face and rough eyes unleashed a laser powerful enough to strip. any deception mask, selected.

When the players came out under the loud screams and a scene of immense purple, they were dumbfounded because of the real atmosphere. “This is an incredible setting to host an incredible final for an incredible season,” wrote Guardian journalist Jim White.

Barcelona’s Camp Nou stands tall in the bleak sky. Its passionate sound can turn sharp, sharp stones into jelly. That was the atmosphere before the opening whistle of the 1998-1999 Champions League final. “We’ve been asked hundreds of times in the past few days, what is the deciding factor, and all I can say is luck. There is no other answer. Winning will come to luck. luck, luck and luck, “goalkeeper Oliver Kahn recounted.