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Adnan Januzaj has the opportunity to return to the Premier League against M.U

In the English press, two Premier League teams Brighton and Southampton are interested in signing a 25-year-old winger from Real Sociedad, Adnan Januzaj.

In the past two seasons, Januzaj has played quite often with 24 games in the 2018/19 season and 29 games in the 2019/20 season. However, in the 2020/21 season, he was not used when he just played 2 times (but has 2 goals after 8 matches). Frustrated with not being used, he planned to leave for more games.

Taking this opportunity, two Premier League clubs Southampton and Brighton want to bring Januzaj back to this tournament in January. On the side of Real Sociedad, this team considered selling its star for £ 25 million even though the release clause was up to £ 54 million.

The reason comes from the fact that they are also in financial trouble because Covid-19 and many clubs have similar problems. Previously, Sociedad rejected AC Milan and AS Roma when two Serie A teams asked to borrow Januzaj. Sociedad is expected to create more opportunities for Januzaj if the Belgian international makes a strong impression before TTCN reopens in January 2021.

Of course, Januzaj could consider returning to the Premier League. This guy played very well in the first time he was promoted to the first team. But then, Januzaj could not shine as expected. He then moved to Dortmund and Sunderland on loan before being sold off to Sociedad in 2017.

Not long ago, Januzaj, a close friend of Pogba since both were teammates at MU academy, believed that the French midfielder would continue to stick with the Old Trafford team despite the champion rumors. World Cup 2018 will be gone. Specifically, he shared that he thinks Pogba will stay at Man United. Pogba and he are still close. It is known that they have known each other since childhood and kept in touch until now.